HR Policy

Our HR Policy

  • To ensure that our Open Door Policy is implemented in all of our companies,
  • To ensure that our employees participate in our processes run with Transparency, Equality and Participative Management,
  • To base our work on a customer-oriented approach, and to allow our employees to become Added Value Creators by launching development-focused projects,
  • To act in line with our Quality Policy, and the OHS Policy,
  • To place education at the center of development, and design, implement, and assess training programs for all levels from the highest to the lowest,
  • To follow latest innovations and adapt them to the company's processes through HR implementations,
  • To focus on our employees first for open positions,
  • To ensure that we have the right people for the right positions, and right business policies for the right people at every level,
  • To continuously improve the organizational structure in order to give it the flexibility to swiftly respond to changes and progress,
  • To design, establish, develop, and render functional a corporate infrastructure that learns constantly,
  • To make HR planning and recruit talent in order to ensure that our work continues in an effective and efficient manner,
  • To raise problem-solving skills to the highest degree through innovative approaches,
  • To increase the employees' knowledge, skills, and abilities in their relationships with people and entities,
  • To cooperate with Universities, Vocational Schools, Entities and Non-governmental Organizations,
  • To adopt, contribute to, and promote the concept of Social Responsibility and related projects,
  • To further strengthen our employee profile who is respectful to the environment and nature-friendly,